Simple Energy is one of the few energy companies in the Upper Valley that offers BioHeat; a mix of our premium heating oil blended with up to 20% BioDiesel which comes from recycled vegetable oil. 100% of our BioDiesel comes from our local supplier, White Mountain BioDiesel in North Haverhill, NH.

BioDiesel is renewable, domestically grown, non-toxic, and generates less nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions than regular heating oil. BioDiesel can burn in your existing system without any modification.

How is BioDiesel produced?

Through a chemical process known as transesterification – when glycerin is separated from fats or other oils of the feedstock.The glycerin is sold for use in the manufacturing of soaps and other household products. The remaining, purified methyl esters are BioDiesel.

Where is BioDiesel produced?

Independent production facilities across the nation are capable of producing more than 2 billion gallons of BioFuel per year, using a variety of feedstocks. It is readily available through direct shipment from over 1,459 petroleum distributors, and a growing number of service stations throughout the United States.

How much BioDiesel is being produced?

With the EPA’s commitment to renewable energy standards, the demand for domestic fuel alternatives, and the growing endorsement of manufacturers, BioDiesel production is expected to rise considerably within the next few years. A billion gallons should be produced in 2012, and 1.28 billion gallons are expected to be produced by 2013.

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