We take on-time delivery very seriously.

We have a team of experienced drivers that are certified and trained to handle each delivery with the attention and care needed. Whether it is home heating oil or propane, you can count on Simple Energy to make sure you have fuel when you need it. Our drivers have the knowledge and endurance to make sure your family is warm year-round, even if it means dragging a 100-foot hose through 4 feet of snow!
From our customer service team to our dispatchers to our drivers, we schedule each delivery for timeliness to ensure our customers are satisfied. We stand behind our word and deliver to keep homes warm and businesses running smoothly. With automatic delivery it gives you one less thing to worry about.

Check our delivery areas to see if we service your city or town.

Automatic Heating Oil and Propane Delivery
With automatic delivery, Simple Energy will calculate your usage and make deliveries using our sophisticated computer software. Logic built into the software allows us to figure your usage based on the weather, size of your house, and other important factors. Taking the guess work away, you will never have to determine if and when you need a delivery. Let Simple Energy figure it out for you!