Service Plans do not cover:

-Maintaining and adding antifreeze
-Complete replacement of oil burner, boiler, furnace, combustion chamber or heat exchanger
-Air conditioning equipment
-Digital thermostats
-Heat and hot water distribution systems and their accessories except items in Simple Boiler Plan
-Tankless coils, gaskets, and related labor
-Draft inducers and power venters
-Wood or coal units and their related parts
-Burner Service required due to failure of adequate fuel supply (will call customers only) or your delivery being held due to unsatisfactory credit status
-Oil storage tanks
-Water storage tanks

Malfunctions due to:

-Switches left off
-Failure to fill manually fed boilers or flush low water cut-offs
-Blown fuses or tripped breakers, unless due to covered part failure
-Electrical failures unrelated to heating system
-Oil or water valves left off by customer
-Flooded cellars and system freeze-ups even if due to failure of a covered part
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