Terms and Conditions

Terms of this agreement are for a period of twelve months from the date of invoice and will renew automatically each successive year unless either party gives notice prior to the renewal date.
We reserve the right to inspect and qualify the heating system prior to issuing a contract. Improperly installed, obsolete, neglected or equipment not meeting state or local codes cannot be covered.
Pre-paid plans for systems not meeting Simple Energy’s minimum standards will be refunded or applied to authorized repairs.
This plan covers only residential systems fired at 3.0 gallons an hour or less. Other systems (over 3.0 gallons an hour) are subject to increased rates available upon inspection.
This plan is offered exclusively to customers who purchase their total requirements of fuel from Simple Energy Partners, LLC. Cancellation of fuel or oil delivery or failure to maintain a satisfactory credit status automatically terminates the contract without a refund.
This plan does not cover, and we are not responsible for any damage including environmental damage, arising out of any leakage or spillage from any oil lines, oil tanks or any other part of your heating system. We will not accept liability for:
  • Any work performed on heating equipment other than by our own technicians or others authorized by us.
  • Any direct or indirect injury, damage or resulting failure of the oil burner, associated equipment or dwelling due to an act of God, unexpected mechanical failure, power outage, flood, fires, abuse, neglect or any cause beyond our control.

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