Meet the Owners

Simple Energy’s owners/operators, Kinson Craft and Rob Stenger have over 40 years of collective industry experience and are specialists in their fields.

Kinson Craft began his career in petroleum marketing with Wyatt Energy in 1990 and later with Johnson & Dix Fuel Corp., becoming the company’s top liquid product seller. Prior to forming Simple Energy, Kinson managed the largest retail fuels division of Johnson & Dix.

Rob Stenger has held a variety of operations and management positions with Dead River Company, Irving Oil Corporation, and Johnson & Dix Fuel Corp. With over 21 years of experience, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of delivery and service operations.

Kinson and Rob view their employees as family and do everything they can to make sure all employees “feel good about where they work.” Their offices are near the main entry on the first floor, and their doors are open. Employees and customers alike are welcome to walk into their office, to chat, discuss, recommend or complain. Everyone’s voice is valid and everyone’s opinion is considered.