With Halo’s stated mantra “Rise Above” – giving consumers a better outdoor experience – we were intrigued with their line of griddles and pellet grills. Once we saw the high quality of their griddles and grills, we knew we had to provide this outstanding product line to our customers.


“We May Not Have Started The Fire, But We’re Turing Up The Heat.” Halo is proud that their griddles are thoughtfully designed to address unmet needs in the griddle game!


Here are the highlights of the Elite Series Griddles. Please visit the Halo website for more information.

  • Even heat across the griddle for wall-to-wall griddling
  • Windproof design with the inset griddle plate
  • Precise temperature control with the dual zone burners
  • Four sizes:
    • 2 burners/4 zones 
    • 3 burners/6 zones
    • 4 burners/8 zones
    • Portable/tabletop 1 burner/2 zone

See the Elite4B Outdoor Griddle in action.


Our Outdoor Living Showroom has the complete line of Halo griddles and pellet grills on display and in stock.





Halo has once again created an innovative product line with the industry’s first rechargeable battery-powered pellet grills. The Prime Series Pellet Grills allow you to smoke, grill, roast, or bake while on-the-go, in nature, and in your backyard. You have the freedom to cook wherever you want since power can be provided via the included AC adapter or the industry’s first rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Pellets not only provide smoky flavors such as hickory and applewood but are easy to use. Pellet grills use an automated system that regulates the temperature, feeds the wood pellets and controls the airflow. Different "flavor" pellets can be blended with the front hopper's dual auger.

Like the griddles, the pellet grills are available in four sizes, including a portable/tabletop. 

  • Prime 1500 - hopper capacity of 27.5lb
  • Prime 1100 - hopper capacity of 18.5lb
  • Prime 550 - hopper capacity of 14.2lb
  • Prime 300 - hopper capacity of 10lbs

The number in the product name refers to the sq. in. of cooking space. 


We Have Pellets!

Fuel your pellet grill with Jealous Devil Jax Hardwood Pellets.

  • Cherry, maple, hickory blend
  • 100% natural
  • No fillers, binders, chemicals or additives
  • 20lb  box
  • Optimized for a longer and cleaner burn
  • Crafted in the USA


We look forward to meeting you in our Outdoor Living Showroom, Monday -  Friday, 8:00 – 5:00. Please email info@SimpleEnergyOnline.com for more information.