Fuel Payment Options

Retail Market Rate

The price you pay is the current market rate at the time of delivery. This price will fluctuate based on market conditions. All customers are automatically invoiced at the retail market price unless enrolled in another plan.


Prebuy Fixed Rate Plan

Make one upfront payment during our pre-season, June 1 – October 31, to lock in our lowest price at the time of signup.


Budget Fixed Rate Plan

Split your annual fuel costs into equal monthly payments, making it easier to budget your fuel expenses. Lock in you fixed rate June 1 – October 31, annually.


Price Cap Insurance

You can add this optional Price Cap Insurance to either your fixed rate Prebuy or Budget Plan. If at the time of delivery, the retail market price is lower than your fixed rate, you will be charged the lower retail market rate.


To enroll in either our fixed rate Prebuy or Budget Plan, from June 1 - October 31 annually, click here.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us via email or call 603-298-7200.