Payment Options OLD

With current oil and propane prices, it’s even more difficult to manage a household budget. Simple Energy offers a range of Payment Plan Options that allow you to lock in oil and propane prices but still spread payments over time.


Retail/Variable Pricing

The price you pay is the current marketing price at the time of delivery. This price will fluctuate based on marketing conditions. All customers are automatically invoiced at retail pricing unless they’ve enrolled in another plan.


Pre-Buy Plan

The Pre-Buy Plan allows you to lock in fuel prices for the entire heating season at our lowest available price. You make one upfront payment before the season begins for the gallons we think you’ll need all winter.


Budget (Fixed Rate)

The Budget Plan locks your fuel price at a low pre-season rate. You make 12 monthly payments between June and May. Your price per gallon stays the same when the retail price goes up or down.


Optional Downside Protection

Downside protection gives your budget plan price more flexibility. If the retail price drops, with Downside Protection your price drops, too. If the retail price goes up, your rate won’t go above your fixed price.