Simple Energy’s skilled technicians are highly trained, experienced, and ready to make sure your system is running at its best.

Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, annual maintenance of your heating and cooling system can improve its efficiency, your family’s comfort and save you money. A system that is maintained regularly experiences significantly fewer breakdowns and keeps you more comfortable. Replacing worn parts, which compromise performance can also help extend the life of your system.

5 reasons why an annual tune-up should be a Simple decision:

  1. Simple Energy technicians thoroughly clean and tune your ENTIRE system. Some companies clean only the burner. At Simple Energy, we clean, inspect, safety-check and tune your entire system, including dozens of important parts that other companies don’t touch.
  2. Avoid untimely interruptions in service. Simple Energy technicians are trained to identify small problems early, before they become a major problem. Replacing worn parts before they fail ultimately saves you money and can pay for itself with savings from improved efficiency.
  3. Increase the longevity of your heating system. Whether your system is old or new, an annual tune-up keeps your equipment running cleaner and smoother, so it lasts longer. We adjust your entire system for optimum performance.
  4. Safety. While performing the annual tune-up, our technicians will also do a complete safety inspection, which includes the use of state-of-the-art combustion analysis equipment.
  5. Peace of mind. All Simple Energy technicians are subject to rigorous screening and background checks. We only hire people that we would feel comfortable having in our own homes with our families. You will have a professional, courteous, clean, and qualified technician working in your home.

Keeping your system clean and properly tuned can improve your system’s efficiency by 10% or more – at least $250 at current oil prices.

To learn more about Simple Service Protection Plans, call us at (603) 298-7200.