Delivery Fees

The following delivery fees apply to our call-in delivery customers. 

Fees will be waived if a call-in customer agrees to immediately go on automatic delivery, for a minimum of 12 months. This waiver only applies for deliveries made during summer business hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 - 4:30. 


  8:00 - 4:30
After Hours /
Out-of-Route Fee up to $75 $250
Propane Leak Check $75 - $125 $250
Oil Prime & Start $75 - $125 $250
Combo Out-of-Route & Leak Check / Prime & Start $150 $250



Out-of-Route Fee

Ideally, our fuel deliveries follow a planned schedule to allow for efficient use of both our vehicles and personnel. An out-of-route fee may be imposed for deliveries outside of these planned routes to compensate for the unplanned detour and its associated costs. This fee could vary depending on where the delivery is and the degree of interruption to the schedule. 


Leak Check 

A leak check is required when propane service is being restored following a runout. A leak check MUST be performed by qualified personnel prior to putting the system back in service to ensure that no gas is escaping. If a system fails the leak check, there may be additional fees to conduct leak tests and repairs to the customer’s system. A leak check is in compliance with NFPA 54, 8.2.3. 


Prime & Start 

A prime & start is required by the delivery driver to allow the oil burner to fire. The driver purges air from the oil line that goes from the tank to fuel pump on the oil burner. The driver will then start the oil burner and confirm that air has been successfully purged from the line and that the burner continues to fire.