Introducing propane service from your local, total home comfort services provider.

Simple Energy is always looking for better ways to satisfy our customers. That’s why we’re now your perfect partner for all of your propane home comfort needs, too!

Generally more affordable than electric heat, more efficient and cleaner burning than oil, easier to install than natural gas (when main lines are not available), propane is able to supply safe and reliable heat. There are also the clean energy benefits to propane to consider – propane does not burn as many hydrocarbons as oil or its electric counterpart. Because of the clean burning nature, propane furnaces also require less regular maintenance than oil fueled appliances.
Forced air furnaces, boilers and radiant heating are options for different types of propane powered heating sources. On average, a propane furnace will supply air that is nearly 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump. For homeowners that are making conversions to new systems, there are also tax credits for many propane boilers and furnaces. These tax credits will help to pay a portion of the cost of purchase and installation for the new appliance.
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